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Open Works Operations Manager 

Open Works is one of the nation’s largest makerspaces. Located in central Baltimore, Open Works operates on a social-enterprise model designed to provide affordable access for working in wood, metal, fabrics, 3D printing, electronics, and other disciplines. Our mission is to make tools, technology, and the knowledge to use them accessible to all. We accomplish this mission by providing affordable membership access to industrial-grade fabrication equipment; renting studio space; and by providing a wide variety of education programs for both young people and adults.
The Operations Manager is responsible for maintaining a safe shop environment for our members; recruiting and training technicians; and the administrative and technical tasks that support safe shops and a high-functioning staff.

Salary: $55,000/year

– Health insurance (including dental)
– 2 weeks paid time off to start
– One additional week per year of employment
– Free “pro” membership at Open Works

Hours: Full-time, some occasional nights and weekend hours necessary.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in technical or fine arts field that involves fabrication or manufacturing preferred. High school diploma required. Wide variety of technical certifications considered but not required.

Experience: 3 years minimum as a shop foreman, shop manager, site manager, project manager, engineer, or other relevant field. Leadership experience managing a diverse team is a must. The skills required for this role are diverse and the field is young and evolving rapidly; a wide variety of unconventional experience will be considered.

Responsibilities: the shop manager is responsible for setting up, maintaining, and operating safe operations in all facilities including laser cutting, CNC routing, Digital Media, Electronics, Wood, Metal, and 3D Printing facilities. On an operational level, this job breaks down into four areas of responsibility:

+ Procurement:
– Responsible for managing a $30,000 annual budget for maintenance, machine repair, and consumables
– Responsible for planning procurement processes that ensure critical-path parts for major machines are stockpiled to
prevent downtime
– Actively working to find cost-effective solutions for shop maintenance and consumables
– Managing the occasional large machine or equipment purchase, including shipping, rigging, and installation processes

+ Administration
– Managing scheduling and payroll for a technician staff of 15
– Attending weekly manager’s meetings
– Creating and managing maintenance schedules and systems and implementing with technician staff
– Running daily shift meeting standups to keep tech staff informed and on task
– Creating and adhering to yearly departmental budget

+ Training
– Recruiting and hiring a diverse technician staff as needed
– Scheduling and running monthly Shop Slam training sessions
– Working with other Open Works managerial staff to develop and implement staff-wide trainings and onboarding
processes on customer service, diversity, first aid, etc.

+ Technical
– Coordinating the maintenance of the 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers, electronics, wood, metal, textile shops
and computer labs.
– Overseeing their repairs and the addition of new equipment as needed
– Maintaining current software licenses
– Keeping abreast of developments in digital fabrication technology and implement best practices in Open Works labs

Additional skills:
In addition to specific skills listed above, it is critical that candidates be able to demonstrate with concrete examples from past work experience that they are flexible, adaptable, willing and able to accept feedback, able to creatively problem-solve, and have a strong ability to communicate. Working with 15 part-time staff people, 5 other managers, and 350+ members requires strong communication skills, patience, and a soft touch with customer-service issues.
Open Works is one of the most diverse makerspaces in the United States, serving all ages, gender identities, races, and from a wide geographic reach. Our open and radically diverse culture is one of the main drivers of our success to date, and we require candidates for this position to be ready and able to engage with the work of maintaining that culture at all levels.

Open Works is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, age, political affiliation, or any other basis.