Strings and Strategy

Strings and Strategy

Vellone Guitars with Stefano Vellone


by Alisa L Brock

Open Works Member Stefano Vellone is the owner and operator of Vellone Guitars, an acoustic/electric guitar company that got its start in his hometown Montreal, Canada. This luthier was one of the first members to join Open Works, and his knowledge and wisdom around the tools that make up our woodshop have been long in the making. Growing up in Montreal, he watched his father build their home and his uncles working in their profession as carpenters at very young age. Always having something to do with his hands, he was no stranger to manual labor and no doubt learned a great deal about the machinery and skills he has and shares with us at Open Works today from those men in  his life who relished in such professions.

Picking up his first guitar in high school, Vellone would tinker around with his instrument out of a curiosity for how it worked. He would take it apart and put it back together again in an effort to learn more about how it created the sounds that occurred after a pluck from his fingertips. Mix his interest for guitars with his skills for woodworking, and there you have it, Vellone Guitars. He took his new found interest and applied to a small but intense guitar making program that had just began to emerge in Montreal at the time. He applied their three times before he was accepted  into this program that only accepted 40 students a year. On his last try, he came up with the idea to make his first guitar. What better way to show them exactly how serious he was about attending his school. While he admits now, as a 10 year professional in the guitar making industry, that his first guitar was horrible, it got him in the door to a school that provided him with the education he needed to become the skilled luthier he is today.

Making about 6-8 guitars a year his skills are one of tedious creativity and craftsmanship. With each guitar it is obvious that he gives his utmost concern to the individual players needs for the type of sound and style in which he or she plays.


With keen knowledge of the machinery in our Open Works Woodshop, he has assited many new members and interested students get their certification in woodworking while also offering many crafters excellent advice create the most efficient process and the finished looks they desire. Vellone’s favorite part about working at Open Works are the fellow makers he’s surrounded by on a daily basis


“While we all participate in very solitary work, it’s nice to look up and see others working alongside you.”  


We are happy to have Open Works Member, Stephen Vellone and Vellone Guitars on board. We look forward to watching him as he creates these custom carriers of sound.


Q: What’s the best advice you ever received and took?


A: It might sound cliche, but never give up.


Q: What Advice would you give to someone else with similar interest?


A: Develop your craft and refine your process.


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