Innovation & Espresso Aurora Bright Bikes

Innovation & Espresso Aurora Bright Bikes

By Alisa L Brock


As I set with Flamenco singer, espresso lover and CEO of Aurora Bright Bikes, Gerard Poole, in his microstudio I learned more about bicycles than I thought I would in this lifetime. The evolution of the bicycle is an interesting ride. One where advancement has definitely been made, but nothing like what Aurora Bright Bikes has in-store for cyclist around the world.  Aurora Bright Bikes is a bicycle manufacturing company that caters to bike riding culture instead of bike racing culture like many of their competitors. In an effort to make bike riding more enjoyable and safe for riders and onlookers, Poole has designed bright, color adjustable, 3D printed bicycles that are certain to take the world by storm.

While standing alongside the Mt Washington Bike Trail at dusk one day, Poole noticed these nearly invisible cyclist zooming by dressed in dark spandex. He thought, “How in the world do they think people are going to see them?  And then they wonder why so many of them get hit.” These riders were a danger to themselves and others, and Poole knew that something needed to be done. Inspired by technology mentioned in a post apocalyptic commentary book entitled Dhalgren” by Samuel R. Delany and that early morning next to the Potomac River, the idea for Aurora Bright Bikes was conceived. His idea would not only cater to the obvious need for safety, but it would also add to the enjoyment of the riding experience.

After taking his idea  to Craig Calfee, who Poole calls, “one of the greatest bike innovators of our time,” he began steady on his path to developing his line of bicycles. Over the past four years, Poole has developed, designed and invented cutting edge technology that is certain to make the Aurora Bright Bike riding experience one that will be safe, durable and aesthetically customizable with one click of your phone with the Aurora Bright Bikes app. With access to Open Works he is able to improve upon each of his models, perfect it’s durability and style, and have a tasty cup of espresso from Greenmount Coffee Lab, while doing so.

“What’s not to love about this place? The people are great, and they have good espresso.”

With his determination, his love for mass customization and his strong desire to individualize the bike riding experience, it is only a matter of time before we all get to enjoy Aurora Bright Bikes. But, in the meantime as Poole pedals toward the finish line,  we here at Open Works are excited to be along for the ride.

Q: What’s the best advice you ever received and took?

A: Start High!

Q: What advice would you give to future makers?

A: “Let’s see. If I’m successful the advice is to just stick to it. You can’t worry about other people’s opinions. You have to follow your own vision.”


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