At Open Works, we believe everyone is a maker. We’ve built a place where anyone can build nearly anything–that’s where you come in.

Open Works is destined to become the creative center for makers and artists throughout Baltimore. We look forward to exciting collaborations that will engage the parents and children of Baltimore in a new spirit of energy and invention within our community.

Bryn Parchman

President & CEO, Port Discovery Children’s Museum

Our mission is to make tools, technology, and the knowledge to use them accessible to all.

Baltimore is a brilliant, beautiful city with a magnificent manufacturing legacy. It birthed the bottle cap, the railroad, and legions of Liberty ships. The twists of history have deleted some of that legacy, but remnants of that industrial power still remain all over town. Open Works sits in the heart of one of Baltimore’s original manufacturing districts, a stone’s throw from the old Crown Cork and Seal complex and the former Lebow Brothers Clothing factory.

But it’s not all distant history — making is mounting a comeback in Baltimore. This city is full of artists, hackers, micro-manufacturers, inventors, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and builders. The manufacturing economy is growing. Social entrepreneurs are succeeding. New businesses are blooming. Open Works is a place for all of us to learn from one another and collaborate on building out this new economy to its fullest potential – together.